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thank you
thank you

luved it thnk uuu
luved it thnk uuu

Thank you for ...
Thank you for uploading this! I thought nothing could be good as a book, to read at own pace, I have missed going back and forth through pages, underline my favorite parts however, I have realized such way of reading to be a pleasure (loved the relaxing voice if Karen Savage) meanwhile, a time saver. This post reminded me of how much I need to reread the great books, enhanced my comprehension in many aspects, the influence of age have clearly shown to me a great philosophical difference.

Thanks so much for ...
Thanks so much for putting this on YouTube. I've been enjoying it while I work on my project. Keeps my mind busy!



I really appreciate ...
I really appreciate your uploading an audio of this wonderful novel. I really enjoyed listening to your voice and accent. Many Thanks from Fullerton, California Danielle Burke

*sighs* Ahh, I ...
*sighs* Ahh, I enjoyed that immensely.. Thanks for the up-load @CCProse .. I shall now look for another gem to listen too.. Best regards from Wales .. :0)x

What an interlace ...
What an interlace of characters. i love how Austen always ends it on a good note. thank you for upload and great thanks to Karen for wonderful reading. :)

Willoughby is such ...
Willoughby is such a jerk!

Thank you. I have ...
Thank you. I have listened with a lot of joy to this wonderful story. Well read!

@wenglishsal ...
@wenglishsal Excellent! Glad you like it. Thanks.

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