Zelda, FinalFantasy, SuperMario, MonkeyIsland, Tetris Piano Medley (part2/2)

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Hi, I proudly release the big piano video retake which has been announced a while ago. It is kinda a 'best of collection' of my previous videos, but everything has been re-recorded with good audio&video quality (You'll hear/see the difference). Everything was kinda recorded in 1-take because we were short on time, so forgive the wrong notes eh :) I hope you enjoy watching/listening to it =) Link to Audiofiles: http://www.mediafire.com/?q183d6168c91u2u VLC Player or QuickTime recommended So here is the list of the pieces played by me: Part 1: Monkey Island 1 - Opening and Intro (0:00) Monkey Island 1 - Chapter theme (1:03) Monkey Island 1 - Ghostship (1:13) Final Fantasy VII - Holding my thoughts in my heart (1:51) Final Fantasy VII - Continue & Prelude (3:46) Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight (Advent Children) (6:11) Final Fantasy X - Away to Zarnakand (9:59) Final Fantasy X - Ending Theme (11:36), Zarnakand @ 13:49 Part 2: Zelda - A Link to the Past - Overworld theme (0:27) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Lost Woods (1:52) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Rescuing Zelda (2:54) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Ocarina Melodies (3:40) Tetris - Theme A (6:05) Tetris - Theme C (6:45) Super Mario World 1 - Intro (7:50) Super Mario World 1 - Overworld theme (8:19) Super Mario Brothers - Star theme (9:10) Super Mario Brothers - Underwater theme (9:27) Super Mario World 1 - Air platform theme (10:17) Super Mario World 1 - Victory, Die, Game Over (11:48) Greetings go to the people in the credits for being friends, giving me motivation, inspiring me, being longtime online buddies or just good guys/girls hanging around on my IRC channel, thanks for that =) I'd like to thank again UltraP, Thraxes and Cow from gamer-FM for making this video possible. The music in the outro are some fragments of Rigoletto (Liszt) I remembered I attempted to play after not having touched the piece for over a year since a competition. The Piano was a (badly to play on) Bechstein from ~1910 at the cameraman's friend's house in Frankfurt...I like my Yamaha at home more :) Enjoy watching this video :) -w3sp- Follow and like: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1D3v5Fs Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/w3sp Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/gluecks

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Excellent playing? ...
Excellent playing? Where do you get off having such talent? I tilt my sword in your direction my friend

You made this ...
You made this medley years ago and still care about the people who like your musik. You are a great artist. I really hope you get the attention you deserve every day! :-)

<3 Amazing !
<3 Amazing !

Zelda, FinalFantasy ...
Zelda, FinalFantasy, SuperMario, MonkeyIsland, Tetris Piano Medley (part2/2) (via Pocket) -



id ask for the ...
id ask for the sheet but i have middle school and its *sooooooo stressful* like i normally play piano but my teacher makes me do classical and never does my suggestions and i have to teach myself the music so.... yeah .______________.

Zelda, FinalFantasy ...
Zelda, FinalFantasy, SuperMario, MonkeyIsland, Tetris Piano Medley (part2/2) (via Pocket) -

Incredible the ...
Incredible the super mario platform track is godlike :D

This video defined ...
This video defined my ''childhood'', I used to watch this medley almost daily, but it's been a while now. Just wanted to tell you that I still really admire and respect you a lot. have a nice day :)

As a little kid I ...
As a little kid I had Legend Of Zelda on the Gameboy Color and didn't know it was Zelda

The best!!!!!!!!!!! ...
The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, ...
Thank you so much, it brought a smile to my face. I have always LOVED the Zelda games. 😊👍👍

Qué bellos ...
Qué bellos recuerdos


Simplemente hermoso ...
Simplemente hermoso :,)

good job man !
good job man !

saco lo mismo pero ...
saco lo mismo pero en guitarra...!! está increíblee!!!

Name of the song at ...
Name of the song at 3:50?

this is amazing
this is amazing

I love it *__*
I love it *__*

Lol! @4:21, you ...
Lol! @4:21, you obviously hacked.. All that stuff with only 3 hearts.. :P

how is it possible ...
how is it possible for people to dislike this? oh wait...i'm on the internet....I must've forgot sorry.

@Minakess What are ...
@Minakess What are ya talking? I´m 15 and I´ve learned this song in 4 days and can play it. It´s not difficult!

@gillettecrackers ...
@gillettecrackers Your'e right :)

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