Star Wreck 4 - Weak Performance


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Star Trek meets Indiana Jones in a little-bit-less classic episode of Star Wreck made in the year 2000. Star Wreck 4 - Weak Performance was an inside joke for the team, made after Star Wreck 5. Though most of it is re-used footage from Andy Bones II, made years earlier... Confused? So is the plot, where Captain Pirk plays nazi-hating archeologist Andy Bones on the Halludeck while Romuclans attack The Kickstart.

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*The Coffee-o-Matic ...
*The Coffee-o-Matic is rebooting!* *Warning*: This video is *19* minutes long and *unsafe in all environments*

"Aktivoimme ...
"Aktivoimme tuikkupankit...kohta."

*The Coffee-o-Matic ...
*The Coffee-o-Matic is rebooting!* *Warning*: This video is *19* minutes long and *unsafe in all environments*

@Axeon420 its ...
@Axeon420 its because he is "German" and talks bad Finnish. Therefore the subs are also bad Ingles, 'ya know.

The script was ...
The script was great.

haha love the ...
haha love the subtitle. looks like a 3 year old finnish person have wrote it :P Captain doesent have an "Ä" in it :D

The ending is ...
The ending is absolutely hilarious :DD

Yeah, it's not ...
Yeah, it's not really "official" but made mostly from old scraps (Andy Bones II) and we just didn't have time to do the remastering we did for the other parts (music, bluescreens).

I found it boring
I found it boring

what language?
what language?

Great CGI and ...
Great CGI and special effects!!

rofl i farted 30 ...
rofl i farted 30 seconds after pirk farted

Sinnlos im Weltraum ...
Sinnlos im Weltraum is a faaar better parody of StarTrek....


Ohh, okie. :)
Ohh, okie. :)


W.T.F ?
W.T.F ?

Don't worry, I'm ...
Don't worry, I'm from Sweden and I know how to communicate with these people! Keksikuulia tulta helvetti ja muiden pähkinöiden jäämiä, perkele! Hyvä.

@Shaqarava you mean ...
@Shaqarava you mean it's done ?

@Kamadeva01 ...
@Kamadeva01 Listening to Hungarian people 100 meters away sounds to me as Finnish with problem with their pronounciation for letter "s".. I guess we have the same intonation. And yes, our languages are of the same origin (as well as Estonians also)

Pieruhuumori on ...
Pieruhuumori on perseestä ;)

BTW, did you notice ...
BTW, did you notice the music's different from when last I saw this?

Were all the bridge ...
Were all the bridge scenes done with greenscreening? The characters seem so pasted-in.

"Oikeesti paksa ...
"Oikeesti paksa huumori on iha tyhmää *prut* Hohohohohohoho" - Tossa kohassa repesin nii pahasti et tipahdin tuolilta:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Did they just glue ...
Did they just glue some fake eyebrows to that guys lip instead of using a mustache?

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