Niki Lauda gives Michael Schumacher a special lift


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Beautiful to see ...
Beautiful to see the legend Niki Lauda, the man who saved Ferrari together with another legend Michael Schumacher.

Man I hate dubbing. ...
Man I hate dubbing. Unwatchable.

Get well soon ...
Get well soon Michael!!!

Why the fuck would ...
Why the fuck would you dub such a great video, fuken voices sound like a kids show. people can read you know?, subtitles wont hurt.

Fucking voiceovers. ...
Fucking voiceovers.. Just put on damn subtitles!

They should have ...
They should have got Lauda to open that Mercedes up on the road.

Poor lauda and ...
Poor lauda and Schumacher now what his going through god bless him 

God, don't take ...
God, don't take Michael you already have Paul..

A shame that we ...
A shame that we have to put up with vocal translator...

lol this dubbing. ...
lol this dubbing. how hard is it to just put subtitles on. 

Shumi having a ...
Shumi having a laugh..thats why we miss him so much ♡♥

Subtitles please, I ...
Subtitles please, I would like to hear the natural sounds with the E-class.

This voice over ...
This voice over made me stop watching this video. Just put subtitles.

Micheal stay strong ...
Micheal stay strong and get well soon.

great distraction ...
great distraction on the highway

Good video.
Good video.

This would be ...
This would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better without that idiot narrator :(

Get well soon ...
Get well soon Michael! The world needs you! We cannot live without you! We pray for you, every day!

one old man im ...
one old man im happy to see on the road behind the wheel :)

nice car
nice car

Loved this lol.... ...
Loved this lol.... F1 legend........ Followed you since 97,waking up at 4am to watch you race... Having me on the edge of my seat,my heart pumping like crazy hoping you would win..... Get well soon my friend..... And thank you for all the years I have watched you in f1 


YAY Niki :D
YAY Niki :D


Two legends in the ...
Two legends in the same ride! Awesome!

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