Zelda, FinalFantasy, SuperMario, MonkeyIsland, Tetris Piano Medley (part2/2)

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Hi, I proudly release the big piano video retake which has been announced a while ago. It is kinda a 'best of collection' of my previous videos, but everything has been re-recorded with good audio&video quality (You'll hear/see the difference). Everything was kinda recorded in 1-take because we were short on time, so forgive the wrong notes eh :) I hope you enjoy watching/listening to it =) Link to Audiofiles: http://www.mediafire.com/?q183d6168c91u2u VLC Player or QuickTime recommended So here is the list of the pieces played by me: Part 1: Monkey Island 1 - Opening and Intro (0:00) Monkey Island 1 - Chapter theme (1:03) Monkey Island 1 - Ghostship (1:13) Final Fantasy VII - Holding my thoughts in my heart (1:51) Final Fantasy VII - Continue & Prelude (3:46) Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight (Advent Children) (6:11) Final Fantasy X - Away to Zarnakand (9:59) Final Fantasy X - Ending Theme (11:36), Zarnakand @ 13:49 Part 2: Zelda - A Link to the Past - Overworld theme (0:27) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Lost Woods (1:52) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Rescuing Zelda (2:54) Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Ocarina Melodies (3:40) Tetris - Theme A (6:05) Tetris - Theme C (6:45) Super Mario World 1 - Intro (7:50) Super Mario World 1 - Overworld theme (8:19) Super Mario Brothers - Star theme (9:10) Super Mario Brothers - Underwater theme (9:27) Super Mario World 1 - Air platform theme (10:17) Super Mario World 1 - Victory, Die, Game Over (11:48) Greetings go to the people in the credits for being friends, giving me motivation, inspiring me, being longtime online buddies or just good guys/girls hanging around on my IRC channel, thanks for that =) I'd like to thank again UltraP, Thraxes and Cow from gamer-FM for making this video possible. The music in the outro are some fragments of Rigoletto (Liszt) I remembered I attempted to play after not having touched the piece for over a year since a competition. The Piano was a (badly to play on) Bechstein from ~1910 at the cameraman's friend's house in Frankfurt...I like my Yamaha at home more :) Enjoy watching this video :) -w3sp- PS: Please do NOT spam the comments/my inbox asking for sheet music! Watch the video carefully instead and/or READ MY PROFILE, information can be found there! I won't reply to sheetmusic requests on comments/inbox anymore but just delete the message.

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Name of the song at ...
Name of the song at 3:50?


good job man !
good job man !

this is amazing
this is amazing

I love it *__*
I love it *__*

Lol! @4:21, you ...
Lol! @4:21, you obviously hacked.. All that stuff with only 3 hearts.. :P

how is it possible ...
how is it possible for people to dislike this? oh wait...i'm on the internet....I must've forgot sorry.

@Minakess What are ...
@Minakess What are ya talking? I´m 15 and I´ve learned this song in 4 days and can play it. It´s not difficult!

@gillettecrackers ...
@gillettecrackers Your'e right :)

I love you....
I love you....

<3 <3 <3!!! OMG! I ...
<3 <3 <3!!! OMG! I love how EASY he makes it look!!

@PickyMcCritical ...
@PickyMcCritical Your name does you justice, most of your points can be answered by stating it was his own interpretation.

Lost Woods! YES!
Lost Woods! YES!

You're one of the ...
You're one of the bets pianist that i've ever seen in my (short) life. I would like to be able to play piano like this. I loooove piano.

piano porn! <3 just ...
piano porn! <3 just awesomeness oO bow down to the master of videogame music :D 100000/5 ;)

I love the random ...
I love the random gameplay clips that are irrelevent to the song playing

you didnt play ...
you didnt play zoras domain! .-. how dare ya .-.!

Omg! Insane! The ...
Omg! Insane! The Mario Song!! So faSt! :O :O

God, Thanks, Koji ...
God, Thanks, Koji Kondo! Like if you love him!

Thank you sir! :-)
Thank you sir! :-)

You must not have ...
You must not have had good sex.

Awesome!!! Let me ...
Awesome!!! Let me guess, you are 34 years old and Canadian.

1:53 He kinda ...
1:53 He kinda rushed Lost Woods a bit, didn't he? 2:51 Isn't it called Zelda's Lullaby, not Rescuing Zelda? 9:10 The Star Power-Up rhythm was definitely off. 11:10 His left hand did one too many; why not re-record? Nevertheless, awesome video.

Removed the video ...
Removed the video download links for now, link to all audio files is still there. Let's see if mediafire works better...thanks again for notifying me!

10:37 WOW! 11:29 OK ...
10:37 WOW! 11:29 OK, now you're just showing off!

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