Toshiba Unboxed: Satellite L770 Series Laptop.

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badest laptop that ...
badest laptop that i ever had, omg can't ever play minecraft on it

In the description, ...
In the description, there is 14 different L77* models listed, hope that helps

i'm saving up for a ...
i'm saving up for a fully maxed out satellite for 1grand

@WrestleByte803HD ...
@WrestleByte803HD check out it's selling for $479.99 w free shipping right now.

i have this ...
i have this computer... it sucks.... i have had it for 7 days and ia got 5 blue screens already

I love my Toshiba ...
I love my Toshiba Satellite L770!!! It's good for gaming! I play Skyrim on it and it runs very smooth! Also great with mmorpgs like WoW and SWTOR! Gotta love Quadcore and AMD Radeon graphics!

That brushed ...
That brushed aluminum is actually REALLY dark. Even in medium light it looks pretty black. Just in case anybody cares.

@MrGiggity890 Some ...
@MrGiggity890 Some laptops like this might have AMD A6 APU, so you might not be able to replace the video card (which is a Radeon HD 6520G but believe me, it's great for some high tech games like Duke Nukem Forever, but NOT crysis

what is the video ...
what is the video card in the satellite L770-bt4n22? and can I replace the standard video card/add a graphics card later?

@haxforpax How the ...
@haxforpax How the HECK were u running GTA IV so well, I could never get about 30 FPS at high res? did you do any optimizing or something?

@UltimateFail1000 ...
@UltimateFail1000 Yeah, it'll run quite smooth.

do you think I can ...
do you think I can play MW3 on this laptop ???

I have this laptop ...
I have this laptop trust me this is under priced for a retail laptop I was expecting really bad quality (because I'm used yo custom) but it was amazing! Ran gta IV straight out of the box HD no problem I live this computer!

getting the ...
getting the Satellite L770D-BT5N11 Laptop soon! cant wait

Whats the ...
Whats the difference between the L775 S7248 and L775 S7245?

Word of advice, for ...
Word of advice, for it to run on a 800 x 600 windowed mode. After that, stretch the screen out to the resolution you want. BAM! You have increased your FPS by an incredibly amount.

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