Helen Meles NEW 2013 OFFICIAL VIDEO 'Fikri Hamime' - Eritrean Music


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Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Fw6wf1 Producer: Daniel Zagghay Director: Fabbio Tommasini Music: Muktar Saleh & Yemane Kidane If you like the Video Don't forget to Subscribe & Share - You will get the latest and the best Habesha Entertainment @: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqeJbGR5JUjbge1N-yyPPg?feature=watch Thank You! Tube Expression

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Faqja e publikuar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeJW8IO6Q9M&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Even though I don't ...
Even though I don't speak Tegrega I guess I know what she is sayig. Bafekrehe tamamehu or fekrehe amamege. I really love it.

Can anyone tell me ...
Can anyone tell me what language she's singing? I'm from Brazil, South America.

Best clip ever of ...
Best clip ever of helu! Glad to see that talent find a matching video. 


She is iseyas' s ...
She is iseyas' s ass kisser

please try to sing ...
please try to sing in Amharic ,i like all your songs and love it

I like ...
I like morrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the best romantic ...
the best romantic tigrigna, and she is so talented sweet heart girl


I have always ...
I have always wanted to see Helen Meles do more songs like this one. She just has the right talent to do this kind of work. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, HELEN!! U have our support. Great Job!!

I love your voice ...
I love your voice you want merry me I love u please ow www I relly I Love to........................

Love 4roM Somalia
Love 4roM Somalia

هلين ملس انت عسل
هلين ملس انت عسل

for Trhasina
for Trhasina

nic sonig helu
nic sonig helu

Fekeri hameme nice ...
Fekeri hameme nice song

this music is very ...
this music is very nice song

I LOVE Eritriya ...
I LOVE Eritriya SKYPE hesham.,melook facbook heshammelook 

The song does not ...
The song does not respect dirty dude

Eritrean princess I ...
Eritrean princess I love her voice so catchy 


I like u song all i ...
I like u song all i love you 

I heard that she ...
I heard that she had an affair with Isayas Afworki. It is awful!

Love is above all ...
Love is above all deseases

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